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Feel Good Halloween Treats

October kicks off three months of holiday festivities from Halloween to Christmas, and we can’t wait! Who doesn’t love the holiday season filled with family, friends, and of course sugary treats and fat filled goodies. While we love a full-flavor pumpkin spice latte as much as anyone and will allow ourselves to indulge here and there, we feel better making smart decisions when and where we can. That means getting our sweet tooth in check starting with Halloween. While this holiday may revolve around buckets and bags of individually wrapped candies, that doesn’t mean that we can’t slip in some really tasty and healthy seasonal treats along the way! So jump in with us as we find the yummiest alternatives and pairings for the flavors of the season.


Halloween Hurdle #1 - SUGAR

The biggest food challenge around Halloween is the ridiculous amount of sugar. So how can we make the most out of the season’s flavors without blowing up our sweet tooth? 

Try making a list of your favorite treats this month. Some of our favorites are pumpkin spice lattes, candy corn, caramel popcorn, bite sized candy bars, rice krispy treats, and of course some ghoulish cookies.

Now choose a favorite, and let that be your treat for the week. Don’t worry. You can pick a different one next week. While it can definitely be tempting to indulge in that treat every day, we prefer to work to fit it into our customary caloric intake and sugar intake. There’s no reason indulging in seasonal treats needs to throw off our entire system!

As for the other yummy things on our list, most of our favorite flavors are not naturally loaded with sugar. That’s an extra! When making cookies and baked goods, we can nearly always cut the required sugar by half without affecting the outcome of the recipe. If we’re trying to avoid sugar altogether, we like to try out different sugar alternatives, like adding applesauce to pumpkin bread or using powdered monk fruit in our cookies! If we’re not sure on quantities, a quick Google search for how much stevia to replace a cup of white sugar, or whatever other sweetener we want to use, will easily convert the portions we need for the outcome we crave. 

For things like rice krispy treats, caramel popcorn, or any other sweet and gooey treats, we like to sub the sugar for date paste. Adding a little coconut oil to date paste to thin it down like a syrup or using water to make it even more liquid makes this sugar more versatile. To make it gooier, we like to add in an all-natural nut butter. 

As for the flavor of the season, pumpkin, it doesn’t have sugar until we add it in. There are some amazing at-home pumpkin spice latte recipes online that allow us to indulge guilt free in this morning coffee treat every day of the month. We realize that sometimes you really just want that pumpkin spice flavor without all the work. Luckily, convenient nutrition with mind blowing flavors happens to be our specialty. So for a limited time only, noops has a protein packed pumpkin spice pudding that will meet all of your cravings for sweet, creamy, delicious, and nutritious. That’s what we call a win!

Halloween Hurdle #2 - PARTY TIME

As the season ramps up, more invites flow through the door for office parties, dinner parties, children’s parties, and more. It can be incredibly difficult to maintain healthy eating choices when standing in front of a table filled with sugary deliciousness! While going all in for one party won’t really matter, navigating the other twelve tasty invites may get overwhelming. It’s not really a party if you can’t enjoy all it has to offer, right? So how can we have a great time while managing our overall health this season? Awareness! Just like choosing our treats above, we choose our treats at the party. 

If we really want to indulge in the spooky cocktail options, we opt for the healthier snacks available. This is easier to do when you contribute to the food table. We like to prepare something we know we can indulge in while still feeling pretty good about it. While you may think your veggie platter isn’t very Halloween, that’s not quite true. Think of the colors of the season: black, orange, purple, and green. Now think carrots cut into spikes impaling black olives with a drip of Sriracha sauce. It’s all about presentation. Bell pepper jack-o-lanterns, blood red beets, and gooey roasted eggplant laid out in cemeteries of spinach leaves and crushed rye bread. For a creepy dip or dressing, add in a little food grade, activated charcoal powder. This will turn anything black and help absorb toxins along the way!

Another helpful party tip is to eat beforehand and have a snack in your bag. Toss in a caramel flavored noops, and you can have your treat and eat it too!

Halloween Hurdle #3 - TRICK OR TREAT

That little turn of phrase becomes a real challenge when the overflowing buckets of candies return after an evening of door to door trick or treating. It seems that each of those little treats is also a trick to tempt us into that sugar coma we’ve done so well to avoid all month! Don’t worry. noops is here to save the day or even the midnight binge! With flavors like vanilla, caramel, mocha, and of course chocolate, we’ve got your cravings covered. Top that with sweet, creamy, and of course the fact that yup, it’s pudding, the ultimate childhood dessert, there’s really no way the bag of artificially flavored, sugar soaked, candy treats can trump a noops!

Ok, ok. We may still be tempted. So, here’s our first tip. Go through the bags and throw out, or give away, every candy that is not an absolute favorite. Tip number two, place the rest in a zip locked bag in the freezer. Have you ever tried to indulge in a frozen snicker bar? It could break your teeth! This helps to slow us down and prevent benders. Tip three, tap back into that awareness. There’s no reason the whole family can’t enjoy a treat from the trick bag as long as it’s in moderation. Just think; there’s enough candy there to meet all of our sugary cravings for the next six months! If we take it one or two at a time.

For those of us who are really serious about cutting out all that sugar, it’s best to choose our favorite five or ten candies from the night and give the rest away at work the next day. If you send it with your children, be aware that they may not have the same resolve as you do. So you may need to tempt them with a noops as well! 

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