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How We Got Protein in Your Pudding

If you know noops, then you know we love good, clean food. We really love when food is plant-based, and our hearts pitter-patter when we know those foods are organic, non-GMO, vegan, allergen friendly, and contain only natural, whole ingredients. However, what you may not realize is the pure joy we feel when we can do all of the above while also meeting the dietary specs our bodies need to thrive. This means choosing good sources of fiber, carbohydrates, fats, and protein. When preparing a meal, all of these criteria are easy to meet when you combine the sides and main course. But at noops, we also enjoy a good challenge. So we set out to get all of this and more into one single, delicious cup! The ultimate protein packed pudding snack was born. 

You don’t even have to think about it. Simply open the fridge, pop off the lid, and dig in. Instantly, you’ll be enjoying everything your body needs AND loves! The most difficult decision you have to make is chocolate, caramel, vanilla, mocha or… for limited time… pumpkin spice!

We are proud to say that in every container of noops plant-based pudding you will enjoy five grams of plant based protein and six grams of fiber. You’ll also find five to six grams of healthy fats and 23 grams of whole sourced, good-for- you carbs. All of this in one sweet, creamy, delicious pudding snack with 170 calories or less. Now that’s a flippin’ good snack! 

So we are sure you are asking:  how do they do it ;)? How did we get protein in our pudding? Don’t worry, your favorite pudding snack is not going to be ruined if you read what’s in it. The opposite actually. You’ll love it even more. We made sure that every single ingredient is sourced from whole foods that you can read and recognize. When choosing to eat clean, understanding what’s actually in our food is the most important factor, so we made sure to only use ingredients we know and love. This means date paste and monk fruit extract to naturally sweeten, vanilla beans, Dutch cocoa, sea salt, and dried coffee to flavor, and oat milk and sunflower seed protein to give us the nutrients and plant power we need to thoroughly enjoy this nutritious pudding snack. 

Gluten free oats and sunflower seeds are both rich sources of protein, but we don’t always want a bowl of oats or a handful of seeds. noops took these two simple foods and morphed them into a truly decadent snack. As it’s our primary ingredient, some of the protein in each cup of noops comes from whole grain oat flour. This whole grain is also a great source of iron, potassium, B vitamins, and dietary fiber. There’s a reason we chose it as the base for all the noops goodness. 

The real winner when it comes to making a protein packed pudding snack is the sunflower seed protein! This little seed packs a punch with 5.9 grams of protein for every 1 oz. serving of seeds. The other nice benefit to sunflower seed protein is it is fairly low in carbs in comparison to other nuts and seeds meaning around 14% of the calories are actually coming from protein.(1) Even then, much of the fat is removed when breaking down the seeds into their protein isolates. These were all great reasons for us to choose sunflower seeds as the protein base in noops, but there is another reason these little gems scored high on our list. Sunflower seeds are a complete protein, meaning they have all nine of the essential amino acids our bodies need and cannot produce on our own. Though lysine is a bit low, it is still present making this a quality source for protein. 

Remember when we said we love foods that are allergen friendly. Well that was another key point for choosing to use sunflower seed protein. Most plant proteins come from nuts and soy, and protein isolates are often made from dairy via whey and casein. Unfortunately, many people suffer from dangerous allergies and sensitivities to peanuts, tree nuts, soy products, and dairy. Sunflower protein is also naturally gluten free. Allergies and sensitivities with this protein are rare which makes noops pudding snacks the best choice for more people! 

Many plant based proteins are sourced from the Fabaceae family, meaning beans and legumes. For some sensitive stomachs, this protein source can cause gas and bloating which can take all the fun out of pudding. We didn’t want to risk it, so in choosing sunflower seed protein we could nearly guarantee stomach joy instead of distress! It’s an easy to digest protein that gives the best flavor and nutrition!

The next obvious question we tend to get is why bother putting protein in noops pudding at all? It’s just a snack, right?

We believe all food should be good food. The idea of a snack is something tasty, small, convenient AND satiating. We hope that people will start thinking about snacks as healthy and a valuable source of daily nutrition as well. So if we can make a tasty, creamy dessert like pudding and ensure it is a tasty, creamy wallop of good for you, why not!

Protein helps to keep us fuller for longer, meaning reduced cravings and appetite. The body also needs protein for healthy cellular growth in our organs, tissues, bones, and blood. It’s what keeps our bodies rejuvenated and our muscles growing when we break them down through exercise. Because protein takes longer to burn it also gives a boost to our metabolism and aids in weight management and loss. There’s really nothing we can say that’s bad about some extra protein, and there’s a whole lot of good. So yes, we made sure that every yummy container of noops gives us a bit more protein along with some truly delicious flavors every time we pop the top and indulge!

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