World Vegan Month and the Ultimate Kid Approved Snack

World Vegan Month and the Ultimate Kid Approved Snack

If you’re reading this, then somewhere in your mind or stomach you have an interest in veganism or simply eating a more plant-based diet. You are certainly not alone. We are obviously huge advocates of a vegan, vegetarian, and any other version of a plant based diet, which is why we are so happy to join in celebrating the 27th Annual World Vegan Month! This is the perfect time to honor our current food choices if we are already fully plant powered or just begin to play around with the idea of eating more plants and experimenting with veganism in an effort towards better personal and planetary health. 

The annual celebration is a great opportunity to give new, plant based foods a try. The best part is there are no rules or requirements. Eating more plants is an entirely personal choice and can be achieved by going “all the way” or simply one small bite at a time.

While veganism and vegetarianism can be traced back 1000s of years, it wasn’t a defined lifestyle until 1847 when the official vegetarian society was formed in England. And it wasn’t until November 1944, that David Watson, Elsie Shrigley, and four other non-dairy vegetarians founded The Vegan Society thanks  to their decision to omit dairy and eggs. 

They created the term vegan by combining the beginning and end of the word vegetarian and were the creators of the first vegan philosophy, “an end to the use of animals by man for food, commodities, work, hunting, vivisection, and by all other uses involving exploitation of animal life by man.” This definition has shifted over the years and has come to include, “...all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment.”

Louise Wallis, the chair of The Vegan Society in 1994, was looking for a way to commemorate their 50th anniversary and chose to nominate November 1st as World Vegan Day. Since the society was founded in November, the 1st seemed appropriate, and it also neatly coincided with World Vegetarian Day on October 1st. It wasn’t long before both of these widely celebrated days took over the entire month! 

Now that we have looked at how this celebration began, it’s also nice to remind ourselves of what veganism truly is and a few of the reasons people choose this lifestyle.

Most of us know that vegans do not eat animal products like meat, dairy, fish, and eggs. However, their reasoning goes far beyond the obvious source of food. It also takes into account food production. For example, a vegan would avoid sugar that has been processed in factories using bone charcoal in their refining process. They also do not eat honey, foods that were baked or prepared in animal grease, animal-based glycerin, and gelatin. There are many condiments like mayonnaise which are also off limits due to ingredients like eggs or milk. This completely animal free diet can often be a lifestyle. This means any clothing, accessories, and household products that harm animals in any way including testing products are also eliminated or avoided as much as possible. Veganism is all about being 100% cruelty free!

While it is certainly a more compassionate way to live, there are other reasons people choose to go vegan. There is no question that vegans have a smaller environmental footprint and with this awareness tend to be active in protecting the earth when and where they can. People also choose veganism for better health and for proactive protection against chronic diseases. If you’re not convinced, take a look at our article on Food and Disease Prevention. As veganism has continued to grow worldwide, entire families have become vegan and have been so for generations. 

Whatever your reason, being veg-curious is a win win for both you and the planet. 

While choosing to load up on more leafy greens for lunch is a fairly easy choice, choosing to go full-vegan takes a serious jolt of commitment. The benefits are great though! Glowing skin, increased energy, longevity, and a lighter conscience are real selling points here. Unfortunately, there is still a misconception that choosing to be a plant eater means a lifetime of salads and unending hours washing and chopping vegetables. Not to mention the extreme difficulty of convincing your kids to choose carrots over ice cream. 

We said misconception for a reason! Plant based foods have been rapidly increasing in popularity along with innumerable cookbooks, online videos, blogs, and food apps that offer an endless variety of recipes and ideas for plant based diets in any lifestyle. You can even check us out on Instagram at #eatnoops to find some seriously tasty plant based snack recipes! The current meat and dairy substitutions available in local supermarkets are not only prolific but are also delicious! Choosing to eat more plants has truly never been so easy. 

While you may have yourself convinced and even talked your partner into joining you, the real challenge is convincing your kids! So what do you do when your child refuses to eat the veggie and hummus snack you so neatly laid out? You give in and give them what they want of course. Sweet, creamy, snack worthy pudding. 

Vegan pudding that is.

When rich chocolate, smooth vanilla, velvety caramel, and tempting mocha are the flavors of the day, it is no longer a difficult choice. These noops puddings will have any child choosing plant-based snacks over and over. They will also be your guilt free indulgence and possibly the easiest and tastiest step you’ll take in your plant food journey.

So this November, put a little more love on your spoon and share your plant curious recipes and ideas with others. You could have an intentional movie night and watch one of the excellent documentaries on plants as food while serving up some tasty noops topped with popcorn, granola, and even vegan chocolate chips. You could host a plant based potluck with your friends to see how creative everyone can be. And most of all bring in that awareness to all your plates, snacks, and nibbles all month long! 

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