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  • What is noops Oatmilk Pudding anyway?

    Gosh, we’re glad you asked. noops Oatmilk Pudding is organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based pudding made from gluten-free oats, sunflower seeds, cocoa, and dates.

  • Where are your oats from?

    Our oats are grown in the Western Canadian Prairie provinces. Sounds nice, eh?

  • Where do your other ingredients come from?

    From the best places! We source all our ingredients from our supplier partners in North America, and the majority of ingredients we use are homegrown in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Where is noops Oatmilk Pudding made?

    Our outta-this-world delicious puddings are made in the US of A, in the midwest.

  • When can one eat noops Oatmilk Pudding?

    Any time you crave it. Since it’s loaded with whole grains and has no added sugar, it totally counts as breakfast.

  • Is noops Oatmilk Pudding Organic?

    Heck yes it is. We are certified Organic by CCOF and meet the standards of The National Organic Program - USDA Organic

  • Is noops Oatmilk Pudding Fairtrade?

    You can bet your sticky buns on it. All of the cocoa and cacao butter we use in our recipes is Fairtrade certified by Fairtrade America and Flocert.

  • Where can I buy noops oatmilk pudding near me?
    To find a store near you please check our store locator. Please also download our $0.75 coupon for your first cup.


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