Giving Back: Every Purchase You Make Can Support a Charity!

It’s our responsibility—and greatest honor—to give back by serving the delicious, nutritious food we make to those who need it most and are least able to secure it. As noops grows, our community footprint will expand across the U.S. Through our QR code initiative; we’ll partner with organizations working to end food insecurity and childhood hunger. We’ll support the efforts of non-profits that are teaching children and their families about nutrition and healthy eating, encouraging and facilitating good health from the garden to the table.

Partners include:

and other great organizations.

Our Vision

We’re working toward a future where equitable nourishment is not a privilege for some but a right for all where everyone has access to and can benefit from the power of food.

Every Purchase you make
can support a charity!

All of our packaging comes with QR Code technology. Scan your puddings QR Code and fill out the questionnaire. Once completed, the magic will start, and for every pudding, you purchase noops will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.


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