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My Story

My passion for changing the way people eat is personal. When I was a young boy, I immigrated from a developing nation in Africa to America. So excited and grateful to live in the wealthiest and most advanced country in the world — But I was never able to reconcile America’s resources and prosperity with the fact that heart disease was the number one cause of death among Americans. Why couldn’t we fix that?

Years later, in early 2018, I faced that question personally when I was diagnosed with cancer and a rare genetic disease as a father of three young children. I decided to change my life by adopting a plant-based lifestyle and found my way back to good health through the power of food. Healthy eating helped me to survive cancer and fight my disease, which gave me a second chance at life.

That challenge inspired me to step up to the plate for the 3rd time and start noops. Our mission is to make nutritious, planet-friendly, plant-based real food with more taste and flavor than less healthy alternatives. We’re motivated by people across all economic levels who are looking to change how they feed themselves and their loved ones without compromising food satisfaction and enjoyment.

As the beneficiary of a lifestyle change, I continue to question the inequity in our country that makes healthy eating a luxury and results in heart disease and other illnesses. We live in a world where too many people don’t have the available income to choose to adopt a heart-healthy diet. Heart disease is disproportionately higher among those living below the poverty line, for many who lack access to fresh produce and healthy, nutritious food. I founded noops to provide equitable nutrition for all, and it’s an honor and privilege to be a small part of a significant movement to help all people live their best--and healthiest--lives.

Gregory Struck


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